Local Government and community well-being e-learning



Have you heard about the recently launched SOLGM Local Government & Community Well-being e-learning?

The suite of interactive e-learning modules are aimed at introducing local government staff to the recent changes to the Local Government Act.

Module 1: An Introduction to Community Well-being

In this course you’ll learn about:

  • The history behind the shift to New Zealand’s well-being outlook.
  • Central Government’s Living Standards Framework approach to well-being measurement.
  • How central and local government approaches to well-being measurement align.
  • The four community well-beings and their indicators.
  • How progress is measured based on well-being indicators.

Module 2: How the Local Government Act Changed and what this means for Councils and Communities 

In this course you’ll learn about:

  • Changes to the Local Government Act.
  • What the changes mean for councils and communities.
  • How activities connect to community well-being outcomes.
  • How councils can involve their community in decision making.
  • Best practice methods of engagement.


To find out more about the Local Government & Community Well-being please contact SOLGM directly – elearning@solgm.org.nz

You can also visit the SOLGM website solgm.org.nz/e-learning

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