Stormwater management

Pic caption – storm damage on Routeburn Track, February 2020. In the April issue of Local Government magazine we discuss stormwater and the challenges of managing severe weather events, and the continued trend for GI projects in urban stormwater infrastructure.   We welcome your contribution to this discussion.  Asset managers and consultants are invited to contributeContinue reading “Stormwater management”

Wastewater treatment feature

In November’s issue of LG magazine we are running an editorial feature on the future of wastewater treatment in New Zealand. At present we are in preparation mode, talking with council asset managers and engineers about current projects, methodologies and approaches to treating wastewater. The final outcome will be a feature article including commentary fromContinue reading “Wastewater treatment feature”

The future of solid waste treatment

In September’s issue of Local Government magazine an editorial feature will take an in-depth look at the future of solid waste treatment management by New Zealand TAs. Solid waste treatment priorities were reviewed at last year’s national WasteMINZ conference, and it was agreed that members would work to progress and assist councils dealing with rural waste, containerContinue reading “The future of solid waste treatment”

Stormwater management feature in July 2016

We are writing a special feature on the future of stormwater management in our July issue of NZ Local Government mag. As part of the preparation I am engaging directly with asset managers- to learn what your council has scheduled in the current financial year and, if significant projects are planned, whether you are managingContinue reading “Stormwater management feature in July 2016”